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Before you call your insurance company to file a claim for hail, wind or storm damage, or sign a contract with a roofing company, check for some of the indicators we listed below.  If you find any indicators below, call us at 636-938-ROOF (7663) or simply click here to fill out this form and we get your free inspection scheduled at a time that is most convenient to you. 


  • Shingles in the yard

  • Missing shingles

  • Missing ridgecaps

  • Exposed sheathing

  • Leaks

  • “Wind lifted” shingles; shingles are ruffled and lifted

  • A dark line across the top of the shingle row

  • Valleys (where two roof slopes meet) are ruffled

  • Shingles are sagging & falling towards the gutters.

  • Shingles lifting and “waving”  any time you get a significant wind

  • Generally your roof just does not look right or looks askew

  • Gutters and/or fascia is pulled off the building

  • Your neighbors roof is getting replaced

Shingles rarely lie back down and seal after they have been “wind lifted”.  If you look at your roof, or your neighbor’s roof, and see that it just does not look right, it was probably damaged by a storm.


  • Your vehicle was damaged

  • Dents found on the northwest downspout

  • Dents to the aluminum fascia (catch it with the sun shining on it)

  • Aluminum window trim is dented across the sill and on the jambs

  • AC condenser has dents to the fins

  • Screens are streaked, dented or blemished from the hail

  • Sliding glass door screen has same damages

  • You have photos of the hail

  • Vinyl siding has holes or “half moon” cracks

  • Gable vents show dents

  • Garage doors & garage door trim are dented

  • Roof vents are dented and misshaped

  • Shingles will show pitted marks, chips & cracks

  • Excessive gravel in your gutters and at the base of your downspouts

  • Your neighbors roof is getting replaced

If you find any indicators, call 636-938-ROOF.  

We will inspect your church, building, or home with absolutely no costs or obligations to you.

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