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Roof Shingles
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We understand getting a new roof can be overwhelming! We are here to help make your roofing installation process as seamless and comfortable as possible. Whether you contact us for a minor roof repair or an estimate for a new roof, we will address your damages using the following steps:

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  • Inspect the damages at no cost or obligation to you

  • Show you the damage we found and answer any questions you may have

  • Evaluate the damages & determine if it is worth submitting a claim

  • Have you contact your agent to submit a claim (if applicable)

  • Meet with your insurance adjuster and preferably you to discuss the needs

  • We will review your insurance company's estimate to ensure the measurements and details are correct

Roof Replacement by Eureka Contracting a




  • Once approved, we will complete all of the repairs for the allotted amount on the insurance company's estimate. Your only cost will be the deductible & any upgrades you choose prior to installation

  • Your landscaping will be protected by tarps, pampered and spotless​


  • We will recycle 100% of your old roof, siding, fascia, and gutters

  • Most roofs will be completed in one day depending on the square footage and pitch of your roof

  • We will file all of the necessary paperwork for you to your insurance company and provide you with a copy of all correspondence

  • When the job is complete we will issue all warranties and lien waivers

​Eureka Contracting and Roofing prides itself in the saying, “We work with your insurance company, not against them!” We have worked hard to build a great reputation with the local insurance companies and we will continue to uphold and maintain that relationship we have built. Contact our office if you have any questions about our procedures or to schedule a free consultation today.

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