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How to Spot Roof Damage After a Missouri Storm

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Know signs of storm damage - Eureka Contracting & Roofing - Eureka, MO

Spring is a miraculous season. Winter's footprints fade away as the earth once again comes to life with blooming flowers and newly green landscapes. With so much beauty around, it's easy to forget that storms are also looming. Missouri forecasters are predicting an active 2021 weather season. Roof inspections will therefore be critical to protecting your home. Because we care about our community, we've created this damage detection guide hoping that homeowners will find it helpful for spotting roof damage after a storm.

Why You Should Inspect Your Roof After a Storm

As a Missouri resident, you've probably experienced your fair share of tornado threats, severe thunderstorms, lightning strikes, wind, and hail. Unfortunately, the odds are high in our state for severe weather and resulting property damage. Strong winds and torrential downpours can significantly shorten roof life and cause immediate, recurring leaks. The good news is that a roof assessment can be safely performed and often help prevent future catastrophes. Eureka Contracting & Roofing encourages its customers to evaluate their roofs after every storm because unnoticed damage, even if seemingly minor, may become significant over time.

What Should I be Looking for When I Inspect My Roof?

Signs of storm-induced roof damage will differ slightly between various construction materials and by storm type. That said, there are general abnormalities homeowners should learn to recognize.

Wind Lifted Shingles - Eureka Contracting & Roofing - Eureka Missouri

• “Wind lifted” Shingles

Missing Roof Shingles From Storm Damage - Eureka Contracting & Roofing - Eureka, MO

• Missing Granules and bald spots on shingles

Cracked or Broken Roof Shingle - Eureka Contracting & Roofing - Eureka Missouri

• Cracked or broken asphalt, tile, or wood shingles

Dented Roof Vent After the Hail Storm - Eureka Contracting & Roofing - Eureka Missouri

• Dented roof vents & perforated shingles

Water Leaks Interior Ceiling - Eureka Contracting and Roofing - Eureka Missouri

• Leaks

Ground Debris Causes Roof Damage - Eureka Contracting and Roofing - Eureka Missouri


Debris on the property's perimeter is a good indicator that there could be more damage than meets the eye. Look for fallen branches, trees, or hail dents on decks or patios. Loose shingles on the ground following a storm are an excellent clue and a valid reason to call a professional roofing company. Likewise, if your neighbors are getting their roofs inspected, you should too!

Roof Granules in Gutter - Eureka Contracting & Roofing - Eureka Missouri


Gutters are adjacent to roofs and are at high risk for damage during a storm. If you notice they are pulling away from the house or otherwise compromised, you should consider consulting a roofing expert.

Who Do I Call for Storm Roof Repairs?

Family Owned Local Eureka Roofing - Eureka Contracting and Roofing - Eureka Missouri

Missouri weather can cause substantial damage to your roof. Hail, wind, and other elements bring problematic leaks, holes, dents, and more. If that happens, turn to your local, family-owned roofing expert. Avoid falling for fraudulent roofing contractors known as "storm chasers." They typically go door to door in hard-hit storm neighborhoods, collecting pre-payment for repairs and compelling homeowners to file insurance claims that will never actually receive reimbursement. Always consult an insurance expert before you hand over any money. Eureka Contracting and Roofing has over thirty years of experience in the construction and insurance industry. We're qualified to give your roofing system the rescuing it needs and assist you with your insurance filing if needed. Contact us today to learn more.


About the Author:

Eureka Contracting & Roofing is a top-rated, Veteran owned, fully licensed, and insured roofing business located in Eureka, Missouri. By putting 30 years of experience to work, we ensure that our residential and commercial customer's roofs, gutters, shingles, soffits, and siding are expertly installed, maintained, repaired, or replaced. We make properties better– the proof is in the roof!


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