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The Roof Solution That Saves Missouri Building Owners Money

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

When installed and maintained correctly, the average commercial roof can last anywhere from 10 – 25 years. However, life expectancy will vary based on the materials used and the installation process. Missouri business owners, building managers, and maintenance engineers will face the nerve-rattling decision to repair or replace their roof at some point in their facility ownership. The encouraging news is that there is a great option that makes the repair path a suitable choice. Here's a look at how Eureka Contracting & Roofing applies GacoFlex 100% Silicone Coating to renew a deteriorating roof, saving the building owner thousands of dollars in costly replacement.


A Missouri building owner contacted Eureka Contracting & Roofing because she recognized that her roof was aging. She understood that its compromised condition could make it vulnerable to expensive water leaks.


Eureka Contracting & Roofing performed a complimentary inspection and found the building owner’s roof to be a perfect candidate for the Gaco Silicone Roof Coating system. Keeping the customer's interest in mind, their roofing expert took the time to thoroughly explain how their selection would create a seamless membrane that would protect the property owner's damaged roof against permanent ponding water, ultraviolet light, and severe weather. They additionally highlighted how the silicone re-coating would increase the roof's eco-friendly integrity since there would be no tear-off, oversized equipment, ill-scented tar pots, or dumpsters.

Coating Details:

The roof was cleaned with a power broom, then blown off with a leaf blower and allowed to dry. After, Eureka Contracting & Roofing specialists tackled detail work applying GacoFlex SF4200 Seam Seal. With cracks, gaps, and blisters effectively filled in, the roof transformed into a smooth foundation. The Eureka Contracting & Roofing team lastly installed the GacoFlex Silicone Coating.

Before Prepping & Drying Cleaning Brush Tool

Applying Bleed Trap Applying Seam Seal After Silicone Coat

GacoFlex system is compatible with most flat roofs, including residential roofs. Gaco has been in business since 1954 and has been manufacturing this product in the USA since the late ’70s. You can apply Gaco Flex for about 40% of the cost of replacing your roof. Eureka Contracting & Roofing has multiple commercial buildings around St. Louis that they have coated, including a 17,000 square foot building in Maryland Heights, strip malls, apartment buildings, and several residential properties.


The final product is a protective coat that will act as a one-piece shoe sole over the roof! This monolithic roof has no fasteners, edges or seams, and qualifys for the coveted EPA’s Energy Star. The building owner will undoubtedly appreciate the energy efficiency provided by the coating's 86% reflectivity for years to come.

Gaco Silicone coating is an excellent alternative to re-roofing. It allows you to restore your building's roof to working conditions in less time, with less cost, while keeping your building under warranty. Eureka Contracting & Roofing has vast experience applying GacoFlex systems. Please call us today for a free estimate or fill out our online quick estimate form!


About the Author:

Eureka Contracting & Roofing is a top-rated, fully licensed, and insured roofing business located in Eureka, Missouri. By putting 30 years of experience to work, we ensure that our residential and commercial customer's roofs, gutters, shingles, soffits, and siding are expertly installed, maintained, repaired, or replaced. We make properties better– the proof is in the roof!

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