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How to Hang Christmas Lights & Protect Your Roof

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Christmas Lights Roof Installation | Eureka Contracting & Roofing | Eureka, MO

White, colored, icicle, or classic lights on a rooftop look beautifully festive! Year after year, homeowners choose to install them, recognizing that they bring a sense of magic and Christmas spirit to the neighborhood. Eureka Contracting & Roofing appreciates families who care to brighten the season for others. Because we know the effort is a labor of love, we're sharing our tips for hanging Christmas lights without damaging the roof.

Tip # 1 Safety First

Cherry Picker Xmas Lights | Eureka Contracting and Roofing | Eureka, MO

The most spectacular roof lights will be meaningless if you hurt yourself while hanging them. Always exercise safety first. Use extreme caution when climbing on and off a ladder and have someone with you during the entire installation process.

Tip #2 No Staples

Holiday Lighting Mistakes | Eureka Contracting & Roofing | Eureka, MO

In the famous holiday comedy Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold staples lights to his rooftop. His technique, while over-the-top funny, is not a good idea. Here's why. When you staple or nail directly into your roof's shingles, you create holes in the material. Small punctures allow water to seep through. Over time this can lead to mold and mildew issues, ultimately shortening your roof's life expectancy. If you're unsure if you’re compromising your roof’s integrity, it's a good idea to consult a roofing expert before you put up your Christmas lights.

Tip # 3 Use Clips

All-In-One Clips Shown. Photos courtesy of

Plastic clips are a good solution for hanging Christmas lights. They effectively hold the wire strand and bulb in place without causing damage to a home's roof or gutters. There are various options to choose from, but an All-In-One clip is sufficient for most decorating projects.

Tip # 4 Consider Magnet Lights

Home Xmas Light Display | Eureka Contracting & Roofing | Eureka, MO

One of the latest advancements in outdoor holiday lights is magnet lighting. Magnet lights look like traditional Christmas lights, but they have a magnet on the base of every socket, allowing attachment to any ferrous metal surface. Users can avoid holes, water damage, and roof deterioration since there is no need to nail, screw, mount, or glue. A word of caution though, magnets don't connect with materials like aluminum, copper, and vinyl. The best way to know if the lights will work for you is to see if any magnet will attach to your roof's edge, fence, or railing.

Tip #5 When in Doubt, Have Your Roof Checked Out

Rooftop holiday lights create excitement and cheer. By following proper installation techniques, homeowners who hang them can rest easy, knowing they have done all that they can to protect their roof from damage. And while you're getting an up-close look at your roof, it's a great idea to remove any leaves that have been accumulating. If not cleared, they can cause significant damage. Check out our blog article, Signs That You May Need A New Roof, to learn how to identify damage.

Eureka Roofing & Contracting offers free roof inspections during the holiday season and throughout the year. Contact us today if you want expert reassurance that your roof is in good condition.

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